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 Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Wossidlo-Archivs e.V. (GWA)

The society wants to encourage the scientific estate of Richard Wossidlo (1859-1939), founding father of Mecklenburg’s Volkskunde, whose buck stops with the land and additionally is in charge of the Alma mater Rostochiensis since 1999. Especially this estate counts to basic facts of cultural heritage of Mecklenburg. Wossidlo’s collection and hence arose project of the Mecklenburg Dictionary mark scenic-cultural memory of prewar population. Together with article 16 of constitution of the land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Low German language is meant to be warranted, which is positive for the collection.


As a non-profit association the GWA is cooperating with


The society in collaboration with the "WossiDiA"-project also looks forward to support folkloristic research of both parts of the land. Durable function in future should be a countrywide folkloristic society, by subsidizing lectures and publication intentions. With money from sponsors the society could support possible buying of significant folkloristic estates. In doing so imminent breakup can be retained.

Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Wossidlo-Archivs e.V.
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